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Jo sings! FiddleBop, live at the Hay Globe in January 2020 FiddleBop, live at the Hay Globe in August 2019. Photo: Yolanda Eden-Kesber

FiddleBop plays jazz with Gypsy zing!

Jazz from all eras... daily-bread jazz from the 1920s (when "jazz was king"), 1930s chilli-hot swing, bop and post-bop from the 40s and 50s, and jazz-flavoured sides of classic 1960s pop. Plus songs written just yesterday.

Only the finest ingredients go into FiddleBop's sparkling songs and tasty tunes. Some of which you will surely recognise, and some you probably won't. Savour our fluent instrumental pizzazz and tangy vocal harmonies, all lightly seasoned with wit, repartee and banter. And Gypsy zing!

Jo Davies, FiddleBop's guitarist, in a mad moment Dave Favis-Mortlock, violinist for FiddleBop, at a gig. Photo: Judy Waldman

We love what we play, and it shows.

Which is one reason — please excuse us, we're about to blow our own trumpet (and mix our own metaphors) — why audiences love FiddleBop's "jazz with Gypsy zing", our unique Gypsy-tinged beggars-in-velvet flavour of jazz music.

Jazz which can be sweet and chilled: such as our delicate instrumental explorations of John Coltrane's exquisite "Naima", our bluesy take of Thelonious Monk's "Round Midnight", our nostalgic close-harmony vocals in "Here, There, and Everywhere", and Jo's late-night-mood composition "Thirteen-and-a-half Days In The Desert".

Graeme Lamble, FiddleBop's bassist extraordinaire. Photo: Jo Davies

And music which, with its roots in the Gypsy jazz tradition, can be hot unto cooking. Paul Stevens, FiddleBop's keyboard wiz. Photo: Jo Davies FiddleBop will get your feet stomping and your heart thumping (in a good way, of course) during "The Charleston", for the traditional Gypsy tune "Dark Eyes", for the John Coltrane Quartet's interpretation of "My Favourite Things", and when we're searing though Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night In Tunisia". Yaaay!

But don't — as the saying goes — just take our word for it: see our reviews.

FiddleBop is:

Now you see us (three of us, anyway). A socially-distanced practice in summer 2020 Now you don't...

So how about FiddleBop cookin' up some tasty jazz-from-all-eras at your event or party? We cost less than you might think...

Why not email us or phone us (01982 560726 or 07968 950870) for a quote? Or check us out at

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Jazz with Gypsy zing!